T. Marie Creative is a boudoir portrait studio with an expert photographer specializing in boudoir, maternity, and beauty photography in Las Vegas, NV.

Learn more about Tanya Elyacoubi:

Hi, I’m Tanya, my best friends call me T.

I have a BA in Communications, paperwork WAS my favorite kind of work, and my daughter’s beloved name to call me is “Chatterbox Mama”. That’s the short version.

I love me and while I’m here to tell you that life is dandy and daffodils, “come take your intimate portrait w me”, the God awful-inspiring truth is it’s not. It’s rainbows and clouds. Mixed together, it’s sunshine, thunderstorms, and a dash of lightning. Sometimes, it’s pretty, and other times, it’s a torrential downpour. I’m truly here to tell you it all needs to be photographed. It’s your story, part of your journey, and somewhere along the way you start to appreciate it ALL: the good, the bad, and everything in between. And that’s why I really want to meet you. I want to know your tale, how you got here today, and I want to show you photos worthy of celebrating you.

My ultimate goal as your photographer is to be a true storyteller that turns your words and pictures into magic

My awesome specialty (besides paperwork) is that I genuinely love being a woman. I love what we are capable of, what lives buried in our heart. I love how strong the Universe has made us, not just physically (hello childbearing mamas!) but also mentally. I can’t think of anyone more capable than us. We, as women, have so many hats to wear, and while it can seem unbelievably daunting, perspective has shown us that changing up our hats can be exciting, fulfilling, and heart warming.

When I think back about my life and all it’s 39 years, it’s my girlfriends that got me through not just the hardest but ALL the times in my life. My life is full of moments, surrounded by my tribe of women. I treasure my strong woman friendships, the ones that are uplifting, supportive, and kind. Whether you believe this or not, WOMEN: your daughters, your mothers, your girlfriends, (WE) are the future. And if you’ve gotten this far, hopefully, you feel the same way I do. My ultimate goal as your photographer is to be a true storyteller that turns your words and pictures into magic….your magic frozen in moments that are now here to last your lifetime. I live to capture these times no matter where you are in your journey. I want to be there with you as you press forward in celebrating your legacy of womanhood.

“Tanya was amazing! I am the most camera shy person and she made me feel comfortable and sexy! She got all my good angles and every picture was perfect. Such a fun experience I would recommend her to anyone.”

— Christina Crain

Let the Transformation Begin

This whole experience is about working with you, your body, and catching those beautiful images that you didn’t even know existed. We guarantee a super smooth and fun boudoir photoshoot. Bonus? You will feel like a million dollars at the end of it. Let me show you the most beautiful version of yourself.

I offer a free consultation before booking a deposit to confirm your boudoir photoshoot. Please schedule that here so we can get started on booking your boudoir photoshoot in Las Vegas.