After Dark Boudoir Gallery

After Dark Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a boudoir photo shoot is easy! Call us at (702) 690-9483 or contact us to schedule your session. We’ll be happy to review all the details and answer any additional questions you may have in planning the perfect shoot.

The short answer: no, you don’t. Boudoir photography is about capturing your sensuality and confidence; you can choose how much or how little you want to reveal in your photos. You can wear lingerie, clothing, or even tasteful implied nudity if you prefer.

You can access our incredible client closet when preparing for your boudoir photo shoot with T Marie Creative. Included in your Boudoir Session Experience, our client closet boasts various pieces ranging from XS to 4X sizes. You’ll find a variety of styles, such as bodysuits, two and 3-piece lingerie sets, bustiers, robes, and gowns.

You can bring your girlfriend to the shoot, who will support and cheer you on! However, unless it’s a couples shoot, your partner must stay at home or in your hotel.

I aim to capture your beauty and confidence in a way that makes you feel amazing. Suppose you have any specific concerns or preferences about your session. In that case, we will discuss this in our pre-session consultation at the studio or via Zoom. Most of my first-time clients think they will only love 1-2 images and are surprised to see 20-50 beautiful photos of them that they can’t live without.

Yes, you can discuss any editing preferences or concerns. I want you to feel delighted with the final results, so I will work closely with you to achieve your desired look.

It’s recommended to book your session at least a few weeks in advance to ensure availability, especially if you have a specific date in mind.

Absolutely! Your boudoir photos are yours to enjoy and share as you wish. Let us know if you have any specific privacy or preferences regarding sharing restrictions.

After your shoot, you’ll have the opportunity to review and select your favorite images. We will guide you through the process and offer assistance in choosing the best shots.

We will view all of your images on a large screen as soon as we are done shooting. I will help you narrow down to your favorites and discuss more with you on how you would like me to deliver them to you. Most of my clients purchase a keepsake book; some want to blow up their favorites at home, and others wish to use digitals. It’s totally up to you. You’ll make your final decision on the day of your session. 

I’m sorry, I exclusively handle portrait sales in person as it’s simpler and more efficient for both parties. Through past experiences, I’ve found that online galleries can lead to issues and misuse. 

You’re already amazing, and I’m here to showcase it. With a wealth of techniques and numerous client reviews, I have a knack for transforming everyday women into magazine-worthy models.