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About T. Marie Creative Co

The woman behind T Marie Creative Co has been in your shoes & absolutely understands the first-hand butterflies and jitters of a boudoir photo shoot – especially if it’s your first time.

Undressing is intimate, personal, private. Boudoir, when done right, can be a life-changing experience.

Fall in love with yourself, awaken your sensuality, embrace your individuality.

Doing a boudoir shoot changed my life and it can definitely change yours.

Let me be your guide as you embark in an exclusive VIP Boudoir Experience from T Marie Creative Co., a premier Boudoir Photography Studio in Las Vegas.

Top Boudoir Photographer - Las Vegas

When I think about what makes me different from other boudoir photographers, it’s simply me being ME. My approach to every boudoir session is to make sure that my client leaves the room feeling like a million freaking dollars EVERY. DAMN. TIME. With so many styles and choices available, it’s always my goal to find your aesthetic style. This means that I spend a lot of time getting to know you before your shoot. Getting to know my clients means that I get to curate the best boudoir photoshoot experience that’s uniquely for them.

I don’t over-manipulate your pictures. They are effortlessly you, a reminder of who you are. Embrace your journey and understand that you are allowed to live in beautiful imagery. It is not just for the famous or the models. As Byron Katie said, “Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror..”

My lens is that mirror. I want my clients to not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful and empowered and it is an honor to immortalize that moment in photos.

The T. Marie Approach

I believe everyone has an incredible story. Let’s tell it together.

Don’t think a photoshoot can change your life? I’m living proof it did, along with the hundreds of women who have tried boudoir photography. 

T Marie Creative is a women’s portrait studio specializing in boudoir, maternity, and beauty portraiture. We know boudoir and we do it right.

An Artistic Portrait Experience

I opened my studio to help women see themselves from a different perspective… because sometimes, self-love is admiring your boudoir photos in a custom designed album or wall art collection, all hand picked by you.

This is your time to shine, and I’m here to put you at ease and walk you through every pose and every angle from head to toe. Let’s tell your story together.

Customized Boudoir Photoshoots

Boudoir can be fun, flirty, beautiful, cute, sexy, feminine, intimate, candid, posed, or anything you imagine it to be. Being a photographer means being able to properly display imagery that allows a story to be told. Being a women’s photographer, specifically a boudoir photographer, means getting that story right so that it can be memorialized to last a lifetime.

A couple of years ago, I had a vision of how I wanted my life to be – how I wanted to see myself now and when I turn 80. It’s easy to dream, but it’s difficult to put that dream into motion. Those small important details can sometimes seem daunting and uncomfortable when it’s your story.

But what I realized is that those details are what makes you stand out and those very same details can make your boudoir photoshoot distinct from others.

One of my favorite parts in the boudoir photoshoot process is planning and customizing your boudoir photoshoot.

Do you love the classic boudoir lingerie style that I picked for my first boudoir shoot or do you love high fashion that you see in a magazine?

Is the Pinup look your style or are you going for leather mixed with a little bit of lace? Whatever your style is, we want it to be the anchor of your boudoir photoshoot and use all those details to enhance your shoot, making it uniquely yours.

What types of boudoir sessions do I offer?

Being based in Las Vegas, I have the opportunity to offer a variety of boudoir photo shoots including:


Most popular for boudoir photoshoot first-timers


For mommas looking to capture the miracle of their body carrying a new life inside


Spice things up with your partner


Let’s get lost in the Las Vegas heat and make the outdoors your backdrop

What to Expect

Avoid spray tans (So weird right? But the last thing you want to do is be patchy orange and have streaks of it next to you in your pictures…Yikes! It’s best just to avoid it, I promise you!)

Drink lots of water the week of the session. It clears your skin and helps you glow.

Prep your outfits and bring more than just the 4-5 just in case you aren’t feeling anything the day of.

The Photoshoot

On the day of the shoot, come with a clean face and dry hair. Wear loose clothes to prevent clothing indentions in your skin.

Inside the studio, our first step is getting you into hair and makeup with my amazing artists.

You’ll be nervous at first, it’s totally fine. I’ve shot hundreds of sessions and have a whole process to help get you through these initial nerves.

While you are sipping and relaxing in hair and makeup, we will start to talk through the outfit options you brought with you.

This whole experience is about working with you, your body, and catching those beautiful images that you didn’t even know existed.

I’m here to put your mind at ease and walk you through every pose from head to toe. And I always show you my camera shots just so you can see how amazing you look even before editing!

It’s an instant confidence booster, and the rest of the session is super smooth and fun. Bonus? You will feel like a million freaking dollars at the end of it. Promise!

After the session is over, I take you through each of the albums that we discussed in the consult so you have some ideas for the ordering session. It’s always nice to see/feel the albums so you know what you want now and when you’re 80!

After the Boudoir Photoshoot

Before you leave your session, we set up an online ordering session via video chat.

This is where you get to see your beautiful images from the session and we create your album.


This is when you get to see how beautiful you are! If you’re gifting this to someone else, it’s also when you have to hide the album until you’re ready to give it to your significant other.

About The T. Marie Journey

In 2018, I had recently turned 35 and was feeling very unhappy with my life, even though on paper it was A+++++++. So what was it? I just didn’t like who was looking back at me in the mirror, simply, I didn’t feel pretty. And I can’t begin to tell you what that began to do to my mental health. My girlfriend told me about this photoshoot she was doing. She was flying to TX to meet with this female boudoir photographer that only does black and white women’s portraiture. I started following the photographer and everything she produced was timeless and exquisite. I wanted to exist in it so existing in it I did….I booked the shoot!

It was my turn to be in the spotlight, and it was EVERYTHING and more. So much more that my girlfriend fell in love with my images and she asked if I could set up a photoshoot with that same photographer, too. In a special turn of events, the photographer was fully booked so my girlfriend suggested that we try to recreate the photoshoot ourselves! That day changed my life.


I’ve been in your shoes – looking in the mirror and not liking what is looking back at you. It can be a very lonely journey for a woman to think and feel ALL the elements that we are supposed to. Even with all of my accomplishments, at the end of the dayI was so unhappy and I couldn’t pinpoint why.

So how did I change that? It’s important to intentionally flip the narrative of what I was actually telling myself and move forward to not only liking what’s looking in the mirror, but actually loving the woman in it.

To fully equip myself on the new journey, the calling that I’ve been waiting my whole life for, I made sure to learn more about boudoir photography from nothing less but the experts. I’ve spent time studying under Kara Marie Studios out of Austin and most recently, Marco Ibanez Photography.


“Where do I start…

Tanya is exceptional! Her creative ability, demeanor, positive attitude, wit, professionalism, timeliness, everything is absolutely white glove service. Working with her, one can see that this is her passion and calling! She wants women to feel confident and sexy and she does it with so much ease too. She is personable and professional and yet has this one- of-kind genuine persona that brings out the best- She brought out the best in me: I felt confident and sexy and just BEAUTIFUL !!And when I got to see my pictures… I teared up.”

— Farah Abraham

"Tanya was amazing! I am the most camera shy person and she made me feel comfortable and sexy! She got all my good angles and every picture was perfect. Such a fun experience I would recommend her to anyone.”

— Christina Crain

"Tanya has such a way of Empowering women and bringing out their inner beauty and strength! This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, doing a boudoir photoshoot! I did Boudoir photos for my wedding and also for my maternity. I felt so amazing After seeing my pictures especially for my maternity when I wasn’t feeling 100% like myself and Tanya showed me a beauty that I hadn’t seen during my whole IVF maternity journey.”

— Rachelle Roberson

Boudoir Photography Las Vegas - Living La Vida Vegas

Located in the Arts District of downtown Las Vegas, T Marie Creative Studio is in the heart of the valley and right off Charleston and the 15 freeway.

My full-service, luxury boudoir photography studio is in the Arts District of downtown Las Vegas. T.Marie photoshoots are unlike any boudoir experience on the west coast.

Boudoir Gallery

Taking Boudoir Photography to the Next Level

Let the Transformation Begin

This whole experience is about working with you, your body, and catching those beautiful images that you didn’t even know existed. We guarantee a super smooth and fun boudoir photoshoot. Bonus? You will feel like a million dollars at the end of it. Let me show you the most beautiful version of yourself. 

I offer a free consultation before booking a deposit to confirm your boudoir photoshoot. Please schedule that here so we can get started on booking your boudoir photoshoot

Frequently Asked Questions

  • One black bra and black thong lingerie set
  • At least one bodysuit, something high waisted
  • A button-down business shirt
  • High heels, the higher the better
  • For underwear, I’d recommend cheekies or thongs, and make sure they are one size bigger than you would normally wear to prevent “a muffin” over your underwear

One of the amazing perks about working with T Marie Creative is that you gain access to my incredible client closet.

My client closet (included in your Boudoir Session Experience) contains pieces that range from XS to 4X. I have a variety of styles ranging from bodysuits, 2 and 3-piece lingerie sets, bustiers, robes and gowns. There are so many different styles and cuts of lingerie available but I try to only collect pieces that flatter all body types and personalities. Also in the Client Wardrobe is a collection of jewelry from necklaces, pearls, and my personal favorite, body chains! I keep my Client Wardrobe clean and sanitary by requiring all of my clients to provide and wear their own thongs underneath all items, in addition to laundering or dry cleaning each item between every single use.

Investing in yourself means devoting or taking your time, your energy, your money and using it for a return. That’s right, an investment should make you richer whether that means literally or figuratively through knowledge, experiences, relationships, inner peace or self-worth. T. Marie’s boudoir photoshoots aim to give you an enriching experience, a memory that will last a lifetime.
The planning of your shoot starts immediately when you make your consultation appointment. Most of my clients book a couple of weeks to months in advance so we have plenty of time to find your style and mood of photography. The day of your boudoir session, we are typically together for about 3.5 to 4 hours.
I have always looked for an energy connection when finding my photographer. You should 100% have an energy connection with your boudoir photographer! Trust and confidence should also be considered when booking a boudoir photoshoot. Just know that when you book with me, you are in good and capable hands!

Got more questions? Feel free to email me at hello@tmariecreative.com!