First Sunset Photoshoot

Did you know from space at night, Las Vegas is the brightest city on Earth? 

Out of all of the millions of cities, my home twinkles the brightest. 

**cue warm & fuzzy feelings

Why am I like this? LOL! And with that came the idea to shoot at twilight and After Dark Sessions were created. Starting at sunset, the pinks, purples, and blues that splash across the Las Vegas sky set the perfect backdrop for this unique boudoir photography experience. Every woman looks for the best light at night, and I promise you, I found it!

I can’t even believe this idea didn’t come sooner, and I waited so long to shoot because it was magic, stars, and fire all mixed into one. It can be a little unnerving to venture into the unknown, and I know shooting at night involves working with a light. As a boudoir photographer, I usually shoot in natural light, and if you have seen my downtown studio before, it is full of reflective surfaces which cause you to see everything…like a bright camera light that shouldn’t be there. But that’s the assignment! I want my clients to shine in the bright Strip lights, and I want them to stand out on the Las Vegas skyline!

So Test #1 with zero experience at night shooting, my model, and I went for it, and we knocked it out of the park! Can you say A+? Check out her gorgeous images! She knew I was going for the sparkle of the night so she made sure to bring all of her outfits that shimmered and glowed in the lights! That’s the fun part about the After Dark Sessions, we want everything to glitter and shine!

We had so much fun, I immediately booked another After Dark Session. They are here to stay, I know you are just as excited as I am because I received so many comments from my followers asking for more information. Check back on the blog for Test #2 coming soon! If you were looking for a way to create a unique self-love experience, this is hands down the perfect night to be a Star!