The Happiness Slayer

Slay Girl Slay  

I know we have all heard the famous phrase, and we think of the dress up, the glamor. How many opportunities do you get on the daily for that? How about the month? Year? Annnnnnnnd the next thing you know a whole year went by and the only slaying going on happened to your self-esteem. Whyyyy? 

Guess what the number one reason I hear for not doing a boudoir photoshoot? 

Drum Roll pls….

“I don’t have the confidence…”

Well darling, don’t you know that’s what I am building over here? I’m actually famous for it…in my small group of friends in Las Vegas, Nevada, but I hope to one day be. Watch out for me ; )

Can you guess where I got the confidence to tell you this? 

Ding Dong! It started with booking my own boudoir photography shoot in 2019 with Kara Marie Studios out of Austin, Texas. The perfect dose of medicine to my waning self-esteem and I didn’t even know it. I look back and remember thinking, I just wanted to have a pretty picture of me that I genuinely loved and that I would look back on with time and be really freaking proud of. 

Girlfriend, now I have hundreds. HUNDREDS! Do I think “what am I going to do with these pictures?” Nope! Do I ever regret them? Not even for a millisecond. How much money have I spent? You probably don’t want to know, I know my husband doesn’t. Was it worth it? Every shiny, hard earned penny. Now I look back at the boudoir photos I have and I feel so much pride and happiness. I am almost 40 and I work my butt off, not just as a boudoir photographer but for my family as a wife, mother, maid, cook, taxi, nurse, basically the works. Every mother is a working mother and deserves to take care of herself however she decides. If your thing is Starbucks, awesome! If your thing is handbags, girl, me too! Nobody said you can only have one thing! Some women love weekly trips to Target, some love luxury traveling, some love skin care, cosmetics and plastic surgery. Some women love sports and adventure, whatever your thing is, just do it and be unapologetic about it. Tell the Happiness Slayer, not today.

Do you want to know why I have so many pictures of myself now? Because it’s a thing for me now, and I book a boudoir photoshoot every year to give myself the most amazing self-confidence boost to last till the next one. Here is my lineup: 2019 – Kara Marie, 2020 – Kara Marie, 2021 – Marco Ibanez, 2022 – Shannon Doughtery, 2023 – ???? I’m not sure yet, but what I can tell you is that I will look for the same style, sophistication, and overall gorgeousness of the images. You have to be able to see their boudoir photography ideas and creations as art and then see yourself in them. You absolutely get what you pay for and all of my experiences have been nothing short of A++++++. 

So why are we talking about this? Because it’s a huge reason I am here today. This one photoshoot changed the direction of my life. I literally cannot fathom where I would be today, especially after 2020. So much of my style of boudoir photography comes from what I learned from doing my own sessions with these incredible photographers. My black and white texture from Kara, the sexiness of a woman’s body from Marco, and the return of the modern, glamor photoshoot from Shannon. I have also truly found my happiness in the purpose of helping women, uplifting and building their confidence. We only get one life to live and make the best of. I have had the pleasure of having hundreds of women sit in front of my camera and love what was captured looking back at them. And I’m ready to have you too. It’s your turn, and you’re ready to see yourself like never before…. Tell Happiness, you are ready today.